Social networks and online communities
Social networks and online communities are bursting the market, changing the traditional model of marketing and advertising strategies in business.
New ways of communication and alternative trends are accessible to the end consumer and we need to manage the information efficiently in order to get the objectives, both strategic and financial ones.
Community Manager outsourcing
The Community Manager is a brand/product specialist who knows the internet, has skills and expertise to generate contents that are relevant to the end consumer, is knowledgeable in social media marketing and SEO/SEM and is able to challenge the end consumers.
The Community Manager and his finality
The objective of the Community Manager is to ensure brand identity on the Internet through communication management between business and end consumers; and reduce the risk of information distortion that other users can generate in online communities.
Today, everybody is “Googling” and we believe that every brand deserves to be monitored and protected by a Community manager.
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