Facebook Ads


We help you manage successfully the advertising on Facebook. To increase your sales, is important to define clear objectives, decide on a strategy and measure the results.

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What is Facebook Ads? How can make advertising on Facebook?

Facebook Ads is an advertising system to spread the advertising message through this social network.

It uses a format composed by an image and complementary text, integrated into the navigation pages that result interesting to the user.

The election of both aspects (image + text) is fundamental to be effective.

Where is the advertising on Facebook?

Facebook Ads appear in the right side of the page and act like a link to other website, app, online shop, post, forum...

What are the functions of Facebook Ads?

This tool allows a step-by-step edition and follow-up to the advertising message:







How about the programming of Facebook Ads tool?


It allows you to choose the name for the campaign, establish maximum daily spending, the date when the ad will be showed, and the mode of payment: CPM/CPC.

CPM: Cost per thousand. You have to pay according to the number of times in which the ad appears on the social network.

CPC: Cost per Click. You have to pay according to the number of clicks that the ad receives by the users.

If the objective is just branding (visibility of the brand, presence), the first option can be satisfactory but, if there is a more aggressive objective (sale, subscription, participation...), the CPC way is the best alternative because there are not wasted clicks: you only pay if users act.

How pay Facebook Ads?

When all the steps are completed and you are set to place an order, you can proceed to payment by using a Paypal account or a credit card.

Each campaign will start taking place once it is programmed and Facebook approves it. If there is any problem, the social network will communicate it directly.

Whenever desired or required, the campaign´s status and progress can be edited and consulted.

What are the bids of Facebook Ads?

If you take the CPC mode, your ad will increase it´s frequency and reach, meaning it will appear more times and with a better exposure.

The bid has a price range between 0,50 and 2,00 € and depends on the competence or ranking that is required. Bids vary everyday and can be changed according to the advertising campaign.

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